Halloween Gnome Huggers, 3 Asstd.

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New for Fall 2023!


14.5" H

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Look who’s hanging around! It’s the Halloween Gnome Huggers! This assortment includes three styles of gnomes. Gnome #1 features an orange witch hat accented by black stars. His hat has a black rim and a silver buckle. Black leggings complement his black and white chevron shirt. Gnome #2 has black and white striped legs and a black shirt. He’s rocking a tall, knitted orange hat with black spider web stitching. And Gnome #3 has an orange shirt with black and white chevron pattern leggings. He dons a black cap with white dots. And his hat features an orange rim with a silver buckle. They all have round, plush noses and long wavy beards. Additionally, their posable arms and legs make them great for wrapping around trees, wine bottles, and gift bags. Please note: This item features an assortment of designs which are each sold individually (not as a set). When you order the price break quantity of 6, you will receive 2 of each style when available.

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