Mr. & Mrs. Halloween Star Standing Gnome, 2 Asstd. - SPECIAL BUY! Original Price $23.75

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28" H

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Mr. & Mrs. Halloween Star will be the breakout couple of the fall season. This pair rocks matching posable black hats. Their caps are layered with gray web-like fabric and have orange rims. Mrs. Halloween Star dons an orange dress accented with black stars. She has gray, chevron leggings and a black shirt. She carries a wooden broom with black yarn. Mr. Halloween Star complements his missus with his orange and black star ensemble. And he’s holding a jack-o'-lantern pattern bag of treats. Mrs. Halloween Star has light gray faux fur hair tied into pigtails. While Mr. Halloween Star has a long gray beard. Both have plush, peach-colored noses, and black boots. Their metal legs make it easy to place them anywhere throughout the shop: on shelves, end caps, or at the entrance to greet customers. Please note: This item features an assortment of designs which are each sold individually (not as a set). When you order the price break quantity of 2, you will receive 1 of each style when available.

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